Video Series

Exercise Video Series of Health Exploration ToursExercise Video Series
Age-Friendly Video SeriesAge-Friendly Video Series

Exercise Video Series of Health Exploration Tours

Health Exploration Tours encourage elderly to adopt a healthy lifestyle and introduce related exercises, including seated Baduanjin qigong (Healthy Ageing Tour), eight brain health and finger exercises (Brain Health Tour), visual health exercise (Visual Health Tour), muscle-strengthening exercise (Sarcopenia and Fall Prevention Tour) and seated Taichi (Joint Health Tour).


GeronTech Series

The video clips introduce various geron-technological products. The clips show how geron-techological products improve quality of life and facilitate independent living of elderly.


Age-Friendly Assistive Device Series

These video clips introduce the function of different assistive devices, including handrails and shower chairs, and the ways to choose them, which help prevent home accidents, and maintain living quality for elderly.


Mind-Friendly Home Series

The video clips help caregivers understand the common behavioral problems of people with dementia, such as confusion about what is real. The clips show how friendly home design can help deal with the problems and make caregiving less stressful.


Mind-Friendly Design Series

The videos help caregivers to understand the 8 principles of Mind-Friendly Home Design. Caregivers can make use of the principles, and help people with dementia to design a suitable Age-Friendly Home.

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