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With the ageing population, the number of people with dementia is expected to increase. In every 3 seconds, there will be one person diagnosed with dementia in the world; in Hong Kong, around a third of people aged above 85 are with dementia. People with dementia are facing many challenges in their daily living, especially in their home environment.

Housing Society Elderly Resources Centre set up Mind-Friendly Home Exploration Centre, the first of its kind in Hong Kong, to promote the concept of dementia-friendly home. This centre shows principles and applications on how to adopt a more friendly home design for people with dementia, so as to reduce the pressure of care-givers and facilitate the elderly to achieve ageing in place. In 2021 December, we are recognized by Ageing Asia as "Innovation of the Year— Dementia Care Model Solution" in Asia Pacific Eldercare Innovation Awards (also known as the Oscars of eldercare sector).

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Different types of guided tours and experiential tours are tailored made to different groups or visitors including elderly, care-givers, students and others, including Mind-friendly Home guided tour and Mind-friendly Home experimental tour For tour reservation, please call us at 2839 2882 during office hours.

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  • Mind-friendly Mock Up Flat :   Showing home design principles and applications , hi-tech products, aids and gadgets that are suitable for people with dementia, according to the  principles of “Mind-Friendly Home”  design.

    8 Principles of “Mind-Friendly Home”  Design
  • Multi-purpose Seminar Room : Education talks and workshops on Mind-Friendly Home 

Dementia-related Resources

Provide different dementia-related resources for care-givers. Please click here to download.

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